Yep! I'm an actor too!

Initially I wanted to be a stand-up comedian and an actor. But the nerdy blue-collar side of me still needs to be fed (thus Grip and Electric and some minor Visual FX). Thats kind of how I got started in my career. I did a few school plays and joined some improv groups. I love doing comedy and I still write today, I just haven't been able to get on stage in a couple years due to a tight schedule.

As far as acting, I have done plenty, but I am still in search of a role where I can analyze and breakdown a character. So far I have been blessed enough to land roles such as Danny from the movie "Draft Day" an Ivan Reitman film starring Kevin Costner, Dennis Leary, and Jennifer Garner. Costner and Leary are 2 huge influences in my career, ever since Robin Hood and No Cure for Cancer came out. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet them but I did meet Patrick St Esprit. He played my boss in the movie. Really nice guy (Hunger Games, Ballers, etc etc) In fact (if you're looking for me), I am the first actor you see speaking in the movie. 5 lines but I still felt it as a win for my first feature. It was pretty awesome to meet the Director of Ghostbusters and then take direction from him. Like a childhood dream. 

I also landed my very first speaking role on ABC's Detroit 187 "Deja VU/ All in". Its a one-liner and I played a cop but right before that, I joined AFTRA. Which is now (SAG-AFTRA) and that helped me get my foot into the door on some bigger projects. Not huge, but bigger.

I was able to work on another shoot for GMC where I played a technician but there were no lines. Which to some degree I feel showed that I could do some subtle acting. Here it is and let me know what you think!


Some of you have tried contacting me about acting in your shorts or features but there are some rules I have to follow being a union member with SAG-AFTRA. For that information I'd like to point you in the direction of my two agents. They'll be happy to help you get setup.

Tony DiMambro
The iGroup
29540 Southfield Rd, Suite 200
Southfield, MI 48076
P: 248.552.8842
F: 248.552.9866
Olga Denysenko
Productions Plus the Talent Shop
30600 Telegraph Road
Suite 2156
Bingham Farms, MI 48025
(248) 644-5566 Phone
(248) 644-6072 Fax

My stats:

H: 6'1

Pant: 34x32

Weight: 214 

Jacket: 42

Shirt: M/L

Eyes: Blue

Shoe: 10.5-11

Hair: Brown

Always willing to shave or change hairstyles

Tattoos: None

SAG-AFTRA Union status: Good Standing